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Gold Exchange with Jared® The Galleria of Jewelry

Jared customers know that we seek to create the ultimate jewelry shopping experience through our expertise and attention to the ultimate customer experience.

When our customers asked if we could provide that same expertise and attention to exchange their unwanted, old, or broken jewelry for cash, we of course said yes.

Jared® Gold Exchange provides:

A Jeweler's Approach A Commitment to the Customer Minimum Wait Time
Our experiences and resources as fine jewelers sets us apart from other cash for gold sites. Our process is as transparent as possible. We update our prices daily* and even add 10% to your payment amount if you choose to receive it via Jared Gift Card. As soon as we process your items, we issue a check. If you are receiving payment through a Jared Gift Card, we send your card as soon as you approve your offer.
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Safe, Secure, Transparent

Your privacy and security is our priority. When you create an account, you can track your items, and even view them being unpacked, weighed and processed.

Our Process is Risk Free

Gold Exchange with Jared is risk free. You are never obligated to accept an offer, and if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your payment or service, simply return the unused Jared Gift Card offer or your un-cashed check, and we return your items for free.

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*Our prices are updated daily based on the afternoon London Fix, which occurs at 10 a.m. EST. Learn more about our pricing.

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